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Top 7 Reasons to Hire Russell D. Luiz

1. Experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

Insurance companies employ strategical tactics to save money and pay less for your injuries. Attorney Luiz has the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome.

2. No fee unless he is successful.

Attorney Luiz works a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t owe fees if he doesn’t win for you – and if he does win, the fees will come out of the settlement. No payment is required up front.

3. Save time.

It takes hours and hours to request and review medical records. It also takes a lot of time to communicate back and forth with courts, insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, medical providers, witnesses, and police departments. Russ can handle this for you.

4. Objective outlook.

You may be going through one of the most complicated times in your life when dealing with an injury that was not your fault. This can cause you to make decisions based on your own frustration and anger. It is better to have an attorney give you another point of view who has dealt with similar clients in the past.

5. Experience with alternative resolutions.

Sometimes you may not be happy with what an insurance company is willing to offer. Attorney Luiz can provide counsel by handling an arbitration, mediation, or jury trial.

6. Experience with MassHealth, Medicare, and private health insurance.

Government subsidized health insurance or private health insurance can have a significant impact on your settlement or award. You can also be personally liable for payments made on their behalf if this is handled incorrectly. Attorney Luiz has experience dealing with these providers and can ensure this complicated process is handled correctly.

7. Settlements are higher.

Insurance companies are willing to offer self-represented people fast money to close your claim. When Attorney Luiz is involved, he will be able to evaluate the right value. Attorney Luiz also has a reputation of taking cases to trial. He is willing to go to trial if a settlement offer is not fair.


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the law office of russell d luiz personal injury attorney new bedford ma
the law office of russell d luiz personal injury attorney new bedford ma

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